How to create collections for creators
This feature is currently available for creators with an affiliate account.
You can create product collections once you create a shop with recommended products. Collections allow your customers to navigate your recommended products in categories.
Note: Your collections may be featured in the Shop tab on the Instagram App by default.
Before you begin
Create a collection
To create a collection from your shop:
  1. Go to the Instagram App.
  2. Go to your profile, and tap View shop.
  3. Tap the Menu and choose Manage shop.
  4. Choose Collections.
    Note: If you’ve created previous collections, they will be here.
  5. Tap Create Collection.
  6. Choose products from a shop, from your shop or from affiliate products you’ve saved or purchased.
  7. Review the products you selected and tap Done.
  8. Add a title for your collection.
    Optionally, you can add a cover photo and a description. You can also preview the collection before you finish.
  9. Tap Publish.
You will see a Collection in review screen and the collection will appear in your shop when it is approved. Once approved, collections can be found at the top of your shop.
Before you publish, you can’t reorder products or save your collection. However, you can edit, hide or delete your collection, and you can change your cover photo.
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