Manage Monetization Payouts
This product or feature may not be available to you yet.
This feature is only available for business and creator accounts on Instagram.
You can add and edit a payout account in the professional dashboard. When you earn money using our monetization tools, you’ll receive earnings to your payout account.
You can manually link your bank account or link to a PayPal account.
Note: You may have the option to sign in to your online bank account using your account credentials.
Before you begin
  • Review the monetization requirements for:
  • Find out when and how you’ll receive your payouts, remittances and invoices.
  • You must add a payout account to receive a bonus payout. If you don’t add a payout account:
    • Within 5 months or if you exceed earnings of $500, you’ll no longer be able to monetize with bonuses.
    • Within 6 months, you’ll forfeit and waive all rights to receive your payment.
Creators who meet our monetization requirements are eligible to receive earnings to their payout account.
Add payout account
To add or edit a payout account in the professional dashboard:
  1. Go to payout accounts.
    Note: You can also add a payout account in Creator settings.
  2. Select update.
  3. Choose an existing payout method, or add a new payout method.
  4. Select the type of payout account you’d like to add to your professional account.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete set up.
    Note: You can have separate payout accounts for each monetization tool.
After you add a payout account, you’ll need to enable each monetization tool to start earning money. You can apply a default setting on all ads-enabled videos or on individual videos.
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