How do I tell if a shop on Instagram is Black-owned?
This feature is currently available to businesses with shops on Instagram in the US and Brazil that designate as Black-owned. This feature is only available on the Instagram app for Android or iPhone.
Businesses with shops on Instagram can now designate themselves as Black-owned. When a shop designates as Black-owned, a Black-owned label will appear on its profile and on its product pages.
Additionally, when a shop designates as Black-owned, this designation will be added to the Business diversity info section of the shop's About this account information.
To view a shop’s About this account information:
  1. Go to the Instagram profile of a shop.
  2. Tap ig-three-dots(iPhone) or ig-three-dots(Android) in the top right.
  3. Tap About this account.
Shops that designate as Black-owned will also be discoverable in places like Instagram Shop.
Instagram is working to develop new ways to help shops grow and reach new customers. We’ll continue to build new features to support diversity in businesses.
Note: Diversity info is only associated with shops and won’t be used to infer anyone’s race or ethnicity.
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