What is Shop Pay?
Shop Pay is a payment method offered by the commerce platform Shopify. People can save their email address, phone number, payment credentials and shipping address in Shop Pay for use in future transactions.
Shop Pay is now available as a payment method in Facebook Pay when checking out from participating sellers on Instagram. When you choose to check out with Shop Pay, your payment method and shipping info from Shop Pay will be used to complete your order.
What is Shopify?
Shopify is a commerce platform that provides tools for sellers to manage, market and grow their business. Many sellers use Shopify to power their shop on Instagram.
What is the Shop app?
Shopify also offers the Shop app, which allows people to manage and track orders made with Shop Pay. When you check out with Facebook Pay using Shop Pay as a payment method, you can manage and track your orders in both the Shop app and in Facebook Pay.
What data is shared with Shopify?
When you check out on Instagram using Shop Pay as a payment method, information about your purchase (including your order details and order tracking info) is shared with Shopify. Shopify may use your purchase info to improve its products and services according to its terms and policies, including to:
  • Provide you with services like order tracking and payment status updates
  • Recommend products, sellers and services in the Shop app
Learn more about how purchase info is shared with sellers.
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